When to run plays

At the end of close games – There’s no better opportunity for running an effective set play than when your team desperately needs a basketball in the dying minutes of a close game. Call out a play to your players and then watch them execute it.

Any out-of-bounds opportunity – An out of bounds opportunity allows your team to quickly bunch up and decide on a play to run. This means the players don’t have to call out the play and alert the other team. They can also look to the coach for guidance on which of the basketball plays they should run.

Out of a timeout – Timeouts are another great opportunity to set up basketball plays. In every basketball league in the world, you’ll see smart coaches save their timeouts for end-of-game situations so that they can huddle with their team and set something up.

To ‘heat up’ one of your players – Another great use of basketball plays is to ‘heat up’ one of your players. This can be beneficial when one of your star players is struggling to get into the flow of the game. Getting them a good shot and seeing the basketball go through the net can do wonders for their confidence.