Select Plays

Here are 4 different questions to ask yourself to help you determine which basketball plays to select…

What’s your base offense? – By using basketball plays that begin in the same formation as your base offense, the opposition won’t know that you’re about to run something different!

Who are the best players on your team? – Smart coaches will select plays that put their best players in advantageous positions to score. For example, if you’ve got a highly skilled point guard, select a play that puts them in a pick-and-roll position at the top of the key surrounded by shooters.

What’s the skill level of your players? – The age and skill level of your players will play a big role in determining which basketball plays will be most effective for your team. For example, you obviously don’t want to use a three-point play for an U10’s team simply because you think the play would look cool.

What shots do the basketball plays result in? – It’s important that the plays you implement result in scoring opportunities for different players in different areas of the court. Don’t select plays that all result in your shooting guard receiving a screen on the right wing. Mix it up and ensure you have plays that get the basketball inside as well as plays that result in open outside shots.